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Here are some quotes/ convos that i thought were worth remembering. Have any? If I think they are good I will add it! or

Ryan: "I know what it feel's like to be abandoned by your parent's and your friends and all your life that having no one believe you. Put down the gun you can get a second chance."
Sandy: And you're going to Yogalates.
Kirsten: You just like saying that.
Sandy: Yogalates?(pause) I kinda do. (turns to Ryan) Yogalates?
Ryan: (sound like a 'eeh' or 'mmm') Yooooooooogalates.
Kirsten: (turns to Seth)You wanna know what I wanna know?
Sandy: Yogalates?
Kirsten: Is why these two are so smug?
Seth: Because for once they didn't do anything wrong.
Sandy: She's right! Here's to ya!
Ryan: Back at ya! (clanks glass with Sandy's)
Kirsten: Enjoy it boys, because knowing the two of you, it won't
last long.
Sandy: (raises cup to Kirsten) Yogalates.
seth: i was like a fish out of water.... i was nemo and i just wanted to go home! do u have any tips for me?
ryan: do it again
seth: thought so...but no tips for non fish sex
ryan: don't call it fish sex
marissa: i love you
ryan: uh..thank you
seth: aunt haley later when your dressed we'll hug
haley: looks like ryan and marissa won't be doing much of anything cause of 3 lil words ryan couldn't say
seth: whats that?
haley: i love you
seth: what did you say?
ryan: thank you
seth: ouch at least youre polite.....well i guess we will be staying in to night...carson daly and the ball dropping....oo 2 images that shouldn't be in the same sentances together.
seth: am i dating the girl me... i mean me only if i was a girl?
ryan: i...ah...ew...thats disgusting
"Way to salt his game Mr. Cohen"-Ryan

Seth: I can't believe they were at a motel, it's just, it's so cheap, so tawdry.
Ryan: Yeah, that's the real moral of the story here.

Luke: Hey man what's up?
Ryan: Nothing? So did you have sex with Julie Cooper today?
Luke: Wha, wha, wha, wha, what?
Seth: I raised myself, and in doing so, I created the greatest super holiday known to mankind, drawing on the best that Christianity and Judaism have to offer.
Ryan: And you call it Chrismukkah.
Seth: (He gasps) Just hearing you say it makes me feel all festive!

Seth: "Oh I'm sorry. I really should learn to case there's a threesome going on in the bathroom!"

"that guy is not funny" --sandy
"i know! He makes ryan look funny!'-- seth
"Gentiles... Don't get me wrong, I love your mother, but they just aren't funny. get your self some funnier friends"--sandy
(again not ryan but i liked them lmfao)

Seth: im feeling a little under the weather, i think i should stay home from school
Ryan: Oh, do you have the summer flu? maybe you need some anna-biotics.
sandy: how were things back home?
ryan: you tell me... i was in chino

seth: did you hear? Ryan's funny now

(ryan rambling about going to LA)
marissa: your starting to sound like seth
ryan: i know.. it rubs off

seth: mom do we have and tapioca on tap?

seth: pudding...pudding....puuuuuuuudding
(ok not ryan but it was funny as hell!)

Sandy:"Have i teached you guy's anything don't ever get married"
Ryan:"We heard that before"
Sandy:"Well you hear it again"


seth: i declare this angst free ryan week...with the option for another week if u like it

ryan: great thanks man! *sees luke kissing julie*

Ryan: it didn;t even last the night!


seth: she will protect u with her care bear stare

ryan: how do you know about the care bear stare

seth: i painted that * points to wall*


luke: boy this is gonna be weird

ryan: yep

luke: maybe i should take off and go to the beach...let evereyone get it out of their systems..

ryan: nah doesn't work like's been months and i am still the kid from chino who burned down a house

marrissa: yea and i'm still the girl who tried to kill herself in mexico

seth: yea and i'm still....well i'm still seth cohen

luke: this is gonna suck

seth: welcome to my world

MARISSA: What are you doing?
RYAN: I wanna talk.
(The ferris wheel starts. Ryan looks nervous.)
MARISSA: I thought you were afraid of heights.
RYAN: Uhh-huh. But, uh, this is important. Oh, boy. Look, um... I said some things last night and I just want you— (the ferris wheel has stopped with their seat at the highest point) Whoa, uh... Wh-what's going on?
MARISSA: Uh, we're stopped.
RYAN: Yeah, well, w-w-wh-why are we stopped?
~~little bit later~~~
[On the ferris wheel. Ryan is taking deep breaths.]
MARISSA: Are you okay?
RYAN: Yeah. (Marissa looks down, causing the seat to wobble forward) Ooh, had to get to the cheap ferris wheel didn't you? What kind of carnival is this Cooper? (leans forward to wobble the car again) Ooh. Okay. (closes his eyes) Look. I don't talk... a lot about... stuff. And, I really don't trust people. I trust you. And I want to make it—this—work... no matter what. And if we ever get down from here maybe we can talk about it.
MARISSA: Oh who knows when that'll be.
RYAN: Please don't say that.
MARISSA: Look, maybe you just need something to take your mind off of it.
RYAN: Oh, we're 50 feet in the air. How do you expect me to possibly—
(Marissa kisses him. They keep kissing to the end of the ride)
RYAN: (to the ferris wheel attendant) One more time.
(Marissa laughs and they continue to kiss.)

Ryan: How does that guy play high school?
seth: it's hollywood man
Ryan: I don't do nice and easy